Work to Residency Visa

Working temporarily in New Zealand can be used as a step towards gaining residence and settling here permanently.

If your talents are needed by New Zealand employers, or you have exceptional talent in the arts, culture or sports, you can apply to work in New Zealand under the Work to Residence category. These types of visas are often called "Talent Visas".

To qualify, aside from meeting relevant health and character requirements, you must hold:

  • A genuine offer of full-time, ongoing employment from a New Zealand Accredited Employer* with a base salary of at least $55,000 per annum, or
  • Sponsorship from a New Zealand arts, culture or sporting organisation because of your reputation and ability to contribute to New Zealand’s future; or
  • A genuine offer of full-time ongoing employment in an occupation on the Long Term Skills Shortage List.

*An Accredited Employer is a ‘pre-approved’ employer who needs skilled or talented workers from overseas.

If granted a Work To Residence visa under any of the above categories, after 2 years you can apply for Residence From Work which is a streamlined pathway to residence, provided you meet the relevant criteria at that point in time. Age limits do apply to these categories - please ask for further details as the criteria vary for each.