Student Visa

Studying in New Zealand

Everyone who comes to study in New Zealand from overseas must meet certain rules and requirements. If you are coming to New Zealand to study for more than three months, you will need a student visa or permit

Student Visas and Permits may be issued for primary, secondary or tertiary study.

If the course you want to study is a single short course of less than three calendar months duration, and is approved or exempted by NZQA, you do not need a student visa, and can apply for a visitor visa.

If you want to study two or more short courses of study or training (whether at the same time, or one after the other), you need a student visa or permit.

A term spent studying at a primary, intermediate or secondary school is not counted as a short course, and a student visa/permit must be applied for

To qualify you will need to establish that you:

o Have an offer of a place at a New Zealand educational institution
o Are exempted from or have paid course fees
o Have a guarantee of accommodation

It is possible to apply for visitor visas/permits for one guardian (usually a parent) of a full-fee-paying international student aged 17 years of age or younger, if the purpose of the guardian's presence is to live with and care for that student.

Exchange students
If you have been offered a place in an approved exchange scheme you may apply for a student visa for the duration of your exchange, provided you meet our health and character requirements and are a bona fide exchange participant.

You must also provide evidence that you:

• have been accepted into an approved student exchange scheme (from the scheme organiser), and
• have onward travel arrangements for when your exchange scheme has finished.