Skilled Migrant Category


For people moving to New Zealand to live permanently the most popular method is the Skilled Migrant Category. Of the approximately 50,000 accepted into New Zealand each year, the Skilled Migrant makes up about 60% of the total.

The key thing to remember with this category is that New Zealand needs to import skilled people to build the knowledge wealth of the country's economy but it is the applicants' responsibility to prove that they meet the strict policy requirements. This is often best left to the experts as the issues can be complex and require an in-depth working knowledge of the system.

Eligibility to the Skilled Migrant Category is calculated based on a system of points. You gain points based on a number of factors such as age, education, work experience and offer of skilled work from a New Zealand employer. Additional points can be awarded depending on where in New Zealand you plan on living and whether you have close family members who are also citizens or residents of New Zealand. The minimum requirement for consideration is 100 points.

The Skilled Migrant application process consists of 6 key parts:

  1. The Expression of Interest (a paperless process)
  2. The EOI pool draw
  3. Invitation to Apply
  4. Full Application for Residence (with full papers)
  5. Approval In Principle
  6. Final Approval