Family Visa

If you are a New Zealand Citizen or Resident you may be able to assist a family member to relocate into New Zealand via a Family Visa.

There are four possible relationships which qualify;
• Partner or Spouse
• Parent
• Sibling/Adult Child
• Dependant Child

Partner or Spouse:
This includes married, de facto heterosexual or same sex partnerships that are genuine and stable and where it can be shown that there has been at least 12 months' living together. Periods of separation will be taken into account when determining the length of a relationship and whether it is genuine and stable. The New Zealand citizen or resident partner must be able to sponsor the applicant partner.

You may apply as a parent if you satisfy the "centre of gravity" test, meaning you have an equal or greater number of adult children living in New Zealand than in any other country.

Siblings & Adult Children:
Siblings and adult children of New Zealand citizens/residents may qualify for residence if they have no other immediate family living in the same country as they are living legally and permanently. They are now required to obtain a qualifying offer of employment in New Zealand, and be sponsored by an immediate family member in New Zealand. There is an age limit under this category of 55 years (inclusive).

Dependent Children:
Dependent children up to the age of 24 years (inclusive) may apply for permanent residence. A "dependent" child is one who is single and, if aged 17+, has no children of his or her own and is totally or substantially financially dependent on an adult, whether or not living with that adult.