Compass Job Search Assistance

We have associations with specialist recruitment agencies in selected skilled occupations, and industry knowledge in areas where there are skills shortages, and have been successful in assisting candidates into employment over the years.

This is a service that is only offered to our full service clients.

Compass Job Search Assistance is not a matter of us getting you a job, because in fact you are the only person who can do that, it is about you getting the information and guidance you need when dealing with New Zealand employers. We do not and can not guarantee you employment but we do plan on working through the process with you.

We work with several Job Search and Recruitment Companies, for the purpose of assisting our clients who are genuine migrants and are able to come to New Zealand and to obtain a relevant job offer from a New Zealand Employer.

We will provide you with guidance and assistance which can help you to find a job in New Zealand more quickly but you must be actively involved at every stage of the process.