Looking for Work

Recognizing the enormous importance to Clients of being able to secure a job offer from overseas, we focus on providing advice on job hunting and dealing with New Zealand employers.

If you’re a Skilled Migrant and you want to make the move to New Zealand, under Immigration New Zealand policy, you will need an offer of employment that matches your skills and experience in most cases.

Even for those who do not strictly need a job offer to qualify for a visa, chances are you’d still like to have the security of knowing you can live comfortably, maintain your career path and get the social contacts you will make through work once you arrive. Having a job can also speed up the granting of residence.

Employers want to hear from candidates who are serious about relocating to New Zealand. They also want the reassurance that you are committed to the migration process and will be able to get the visa you need to legally take up the position. Candidates acting alone are often unable to get a foot in the door because the employer has no way of knowing whether that person is eligible for a visa and may well be reluctant to risk making a job offer, however good the candidate is on paper. Candidates who come to them through Compass, on the other hand, have already been assessed as eligible for a visa and are potentially more likely to be offered a job.