About Us


John Hunter is a director of the company, and a Licensed Immigration Advisor; License number 201100131. After years working in the recruitment of professionals into New Zealand and dealing increasingly with new migrants to New Zealand it became clear to us just how important new migrants are to building the skills and depth of talent in the country.

We also saw the challenges that people like you face getting over the hurdles in the process, which, by its very nature, is new and unknown to each and every applicant.

New Zealand wants you as much as you want New Zealand, it just sometimes doesn't show it as it should. We needed to find a way to cut through those barriers, to give you the opportunity to make that move to New Zealand.

The solution as we saw it was to create an agency that could pull together the skill of individuals to address all of the areas of friction that migrants encounter in the immigration process.

With that aim in mind a fresh approach was needed and as such Compass Immigration New Zealand was created. We look forward to getting to know you.